Harris County Optimizes Cutten Regional Detention System


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Challenge: Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) has had long-term plans to expand the regional detention in the Greens Bayou watershed, and the Cutten Regional Detention System was originally designed to provide mitigation for 753 acres of development upstream of the site.

The Cutten Regional Detention System consists of five basin compartments located in north central Harris County near Beltway 8 and State Highway 249 at the intersection of Hollister Road and West Greens Road. With funding allocated as part of the 2018 Harris County Bond Program, HCFCD was able to start its plans for expansion.

Solution: The objective of the preliminary engineering study was to evaluate the effectiveness of additional storage volume to the Cutten Regional Detention System and analyze its impact on the Greens Bayou Watershed. Inflow weirs, basin shapes, environmental features and other design features were also identified as a part of the preliminary engineering study and to optimize the inflow weir from the Bayou.

To maximize storage volume, HR Green’s team design all basin compartments  to be wet bottom basins. However, Basin Compartments 1, 3 and 4 did not receive enough inflow from adjacent drainage areas to prevent water stagnation and will remain a dry bottom design, while Basin Compartments 2 and 5 will utilize the wet bottom design. Additionally, three conceptual basin trail designs were developed for Precinct 4 future projects.

Benefit: The expansion project for the Cutten Regional Detention System in the Greens Bayou watershed significantly enhances flood mitigation capabilities. By strategically optimizing wet bottom and dry bottom basin designs, the project promotes efficient stormwater management while maintaining water quality standards.

The hydrology and hydraulics analysis conducted as part of the Preliminary Engineering Report demonstrates the new storage volume will minimize watershed impact while the conceptual trail designs will enhance the area’s recreational value.

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