Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements in Illinois


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  • Frankfort, Illinois

The Village of Frankfort had three Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP): North, West, and the Regional WWTP. The Village completed a Facility Plan in March 2015 and decided to consolidate the North and West Plant into the Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant capacity was proposed to increase from a design average of 3.0 MGD to 4.67 MGD. Several process improvements were required at the Regional WWTP as part of the consolidation and capacity increase. HR Green was tasked with designing improvements to odor control, oxidation ditch, tertiary disc filter, re-aeration blower, UV disinfection, RAS/ WAS pump station, mixing tank, and sludge storage. The odor control, oxidation ditch, pump station, re-aeration blower, and mixing tank improvements consisted of replacing aging existing equipment.

The new tertiary disc filter, UV disinfection channel, and sludge storage building were additions and modifications to existing systems. HR Green’s design includes process, hydraulic, structural, electrical, and mechanical elements.

HR Green also provided construction services to oversee the installation of HR Green’s designed improvements as well as assisted with construction coordination across multiple projects involved in the plant consolidation. Construction began in October 2017 and the project met substantial completion in April 2019.


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