Chilesburg Master-Planned Community


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  • Lexington, Kentucky

HR Green worked with Ball Homes to complete the planning of a 700-acre Chilesburg master-planned community in Lexington, Kentucky, one of the region’s largest master-planned communities.

The design provides views of the community’s plentiful open space, parks, and trail system. The large central park serves as the focus of the extensive trail network that provides future connections to the regional greenway system through the Lexington area.

This community contains over 1,500 units consisting of apartments, townhomes, age-targeted duplex units, and single-family detached homes. Over 500 acres are developed and in the final construction stages, with a future 200-acre expansion currently in the planning stages.

HR Green’s responsibilities included overall master planning, site planning of individual parcels, open space, trail layouts, and implementation for the Chilesburg master-planned community.

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