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  • Amana Colonies, Iowa

The Amana Colonies consists of seven villages located along the Iowa River in Iowa County. The Colonies have been placed on the National Historic Landmark as of 1965. Amana Society Service Company (ASSC) owns and operates the drinking water systems serving the Amana Colonies.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) inspected the system and noted deficiencies in regards to positive bacteria tests and low water pressure in two of the water systems. Amana Society Service Company had already taken the steps necessary to address the positive bacteria tests by adding chlorination to the wells in High Amana and West Amana. However, they still needed help evaluating the water system and creating a water model to identify where to make improvements within the system.

An evaluation included the distribution systems that serve five of the seven colonies and identified deficiencies/shortcomings of the systems, recommended improvement alternatives to address identified deficiencies, and provided planning-level costs and schedule to implement the improvements.

Two new wellfields requiring limited water treatment were identified and constructed to replace all existing disbursed wells. Chemical feed facilities were constructed at each wellfield to provide disinfection and corrosion protection. To increase pressure and reliability, two completely separate water systems containing five water towers, one hydropneumatic tank, and three booster pumping stations were then replaced with a single combined water system with one new water tower and one new booster station.

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