Water Tower Ladder Safety - What You Need to Know

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Water tower ladder safety fall protection codes are changing due to updates in the OSHA regulations and ANSI Z359 standards. These updates result from recognizing technology changes, and safer processes are needed to protect workers at height. Fatalities due to falls from heights have continued to rise even though OSHA’s first fall protection regulation was implemented back in 1995.

Existing water towers are required to be assessed as part of the updates to OSHA regulations 29 CFR 1019.132(d) and ANSI Z359.2-2017 has a similar requirement. This assessment includes current ladder safety systems and plans for required compliance updates. 

During this 1 hour long free webinar, HR Green’s Andrew Marsh and LJB’s Thomas Kramer will present what code changes are occurring, how to evaluate your current structures, and how to make a plan to meet compliance. This is also important information for communities that allow telecommunication providers to share their towers for antennas. With two free webinar times to choose from, we can help you understand the changing requirements and make a plan for maintaining compliance – keeping your maintenance staff safe. 


  • Andrew Marsh, PE | HR Green | Practice Leader
  • Thomas Kreamer, PE, CSP | LJB Inc. | Managing Principal

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