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Kehrs Mill Road Entrance Monument

Chesterfield, MO

MoDOT and the St. Louis County Transportation Department collaborated on the reconstruction of the Long Road, Wild Horse Creek Road, Kehrs Mill Road intersection project in 2012. The project changed the traffic pattern from a three-way stop condition with several intersections in a small, confined area, to a more biased flow on Long Road. Resulting from the public involvement phase of this project, the residents along Wild Horse Creek and Kehrs Mill successfully lobbied for beautification of the intersection. The City of Chesterfield agreed to facilitate this beautification through funds from the Chesterfield Valley’s CID.

HR Green was sole-sourced to plan and design an entry monument to create wayfinding and beatification for the Kehrs Mill corridor. Several concepts were presented to the City of Chesterfield for review with respect to aesthetic impacts, maintenance, and overall conformance to the City’s landscaping and aesthetic preferences. The concept chosen included an approximate 110-foot stone wall flanked by intermediate columns to highlight the roadway name. At the end of the wall section, a 21-foot tall tower was created to anchor the feature and visually offset the rising elevation of the roadway beyond the monument. Native trees and shrubs, grasses and groundcover, and a snapped stone veneer were used to complement the monument.



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