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We provide planning, design and construction engineering services for bridge replacements and repairs and sound and retaining walls.

Our engineers have experience in providing bridge inspection, planning, preliminary engineering design, final design, and construction support services.

We offer a full range of new bridge and bridge rehabilitation design services: from simple culvert extensions and noise and retaining walls, to bridge load analysis, deck replacement, bridge widening and new river or railroad crossings. HR Green’s services have provided for structures that complement a larger engagement such as corridor development and gateway features and standalone structures that include vehicle and pedestrian facilities.

We also perform bridge safety inspections. The work includes an update of the existing Bridge Inspection Databases and the completion of the structure information system Routine Inspection Forms, Special Feature Inspection Forms and Underwater Inspection forms. We are also responsible for a summary, describing bridges in need of repairs, the scope of repairs needed, and a budget estimate of repair costs.

  • Our Bridge & Structural Design Services
  1. New Highway, Railroad, and Airport structure design
  2. Bridge concept studies (clearances and costs)
  3. Replacement bridge design
  4. Aesthetic elements for new bridge construction
  5. Structural design of culverts (pipes and concrete box culverts)
  6. Retaining walls (including stabilized earth, bin wall systems, sheet pile, soldier pile, segmental block, and conventional cast-in-place concrete walls)
  7. Structural design of junction boxes and other drainage structures
  8. Pump Station structures
  9. Foundations for sign structures, light poles, and noise abatement walls
  10. Pedestrian and Bicycle overpasses and tunnels
  11. Bridge repair plans – deck repairs, substructure repairs, steel repairs, and collision damage repairs
  12. Temporary earth retention design
  13. Bridge and culvert load ratings
  14. Routine NBIS Bridge Inspections
  15. Bridge Inspection Program Management, including repair priorities
  16. Element Level Bridge Inspection
  17. Bridge Condition Report Inspection, cost analysis of repair and reuse versus replacement of the entire structure and portions of the structure.
  18. Sidewalk vault inspections
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