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Roadways + Interchanges

The need for infrastructure that facilitates safe and efficient travel by all means while maintaining environmental compliance is the driver of our transportation business.

From urban arterial streets to federal interstates and interchanges, HR Green can help create sustainable, successful roadway systems.

We partner with clients and residents and take a creative and comprehensive approach to solving transportation challenges by first understanding the underlying needs to projects. We then link these needs to community values, environmental requirements and infrastructure standards to design a lasting solution that satisfies local citizens and businesses.

Our design team develops safe, functional, affordable structures and roadways to provide connectivity for today’s economy and lifestyles. Transportation planning must consider the environmental impacts, current operations and future needs of any community. We will balance these elements to establish infrastructure that preserves our client’s investments.

  • A comprehensive list of our Roadways and Interchange services includes:
  1. Roadways and interchanges services:
  2. Roadway and structural design
  3. Funding strategy and procurement
  4. Construction phase services
  5. 3D modeling
  6. Transportation planning
  7. Access justification reports
  8. Location studies
  9. Public involvement/CSS
  10. Traffic engineering
  11. NEPA services and permitting
  12. Drainage planning and design
  13. Value engineering


Illinois Regional Contact

Jason Poppen

Illinois Regional Contact
Frank Olshefski
Texas Regional Contact

Frank Olshefski, PE

Texas Regional Contact
Tim Thoreen
Minnesota Regional Contact

Tim Thoreen, PMP

Minnesota Regional Contact
Jason Dohrmann
Missouri Regional Contact

Jason Dohrmann, PE

Missouri Regional Contact
David Dougherty
Iowa Regional Contact

David Dougherty, PE

Iowa Regional Contact
Craig Lauritzen
South Dakota Regional Contact

Craig Lauritzen, PE

South Dakota Regional Contact

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