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Capital Improvement Planning Assistance

Multiple Communities
Capital Improvement Planning Assistance-Multiple Midwest Communities

HR Green helps municipalities prepare for the Capital Improvement Planning (CIP) process by providing many communities with services such as providing budget numbers for capital projects, helping staff identify and prioritize projects, and then assisting them with finding funding sources for those projects.

The CIP process ensures that various projects reflect the community’s short and long-term goals and that they do not exceed the available resources. HR Green helps municipalities gather and analyze data that is necessary to ensure that projects be looked at collectively, as opposed to individually, to determine their value to the community.

HR Green typically reviews the community’s current assets such as roads, bridges, sanitary sewer systems, water mains distribution, waste water treatments plants, lift stations and municipal buildings and grounds as well as vehicle/fleet maintenance. For example items such as roads, HR Green has helped communities by reviewing the condition of all roads and then rating and ranking them according to their condition. This helps the municipalities develop a plan for long-term repair and replacement.

The CIP process aids a community in making sound annual budget decisions, thus providing the ability to stabilize debt and consolidate projects to reduce borrowing costs. By utilizing a well-documented CIP, a community can focus on preserving their infrastructure while ensuring the efficient use of public funds.


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