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Anaerobic Digestion + Biogas

Treating and pumping wastewater ranks near the top of energy needs for municipalities.

Anaerobic digestion – or decomposition of waste minus oxygen – of wastewater sludge allows for the breakdown of wastewater materials into residual organic matter, producing plentiful biogas. HR Green can design anaerobic digestion solutions for wastewater treatment and also understands how to put the resulting biogas to work for you, meeting some energy requirements of your treatment facility.

Our services include assessments of current conditions, alternatives analysis, performance troubleshooting, equipment and structural design, process engineering, environmental considerations, mechanical, structural and electrical engineering, preliminary and final engineering design and construction phase services.

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The Amana Farms (Amana Colonies, Iowa) anaerobic digester transforms manure generated at the farm, along with waste from local industries, into methane gas. The methane is used to fuel engine generators and produce electricity that is sold on the Amana grid to power the Amana Colonies.

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