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March 18, 2016
Village Green

HR Green was hired to determine if it would be feasible to construct a freestanding Trader Joe’s retail building and parking lot over one of the stormwater detention basins.

August 4, 2015
Detention Basin Retrofits Have Environmental Benefit

In many communities, the urban environment and human intervention have impacted our natural streams and rivers. Impervious surfaces such as roads, parking lots and buildings take away areas where rainfall would normally be slowed down, spread out and soaked into the ground. Further exacerbating the problem, streams in urban areas are often straightened or channelized to make more room for development.

August 1, 2013
McHenry County College Building and Parking Expansion

Site planning services for the construction of a new 650 stall parking lot along with 40,000 square foot building addition.

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