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Blanco County News: City Sewer GIS Survey/Mapping Project Report

Surveyors from HR Green spent time in November looking for 200 manholes in Blanco Texas. The project to survey and inventory the city’s wastewater system is a wastewater asset management project awarded to the city by the Texas Water Development Board.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Connections to Transit Study

HR Green planners and GIS specialists devised a method to rank bus stops in Metropolitan Council communities based on improvement needs. Data was gathered from partnering communities, public sources, and field data collected by HR Green staff.

Illiana Corridor Tier I & II EIS

HR Green served as a sub-consultant for the Tier One EIS and the Tier Two EIS. The four main roles served by HR Green for Tier One included data collection, conceptual level design and cost analysis, public involvement and environmental analysis. GIS was central to the data collection and environmental analysis components.

Building Community Resilience Starts with Sustainable Infrastructure Design

Resilience can be defined as the ability to recover quickly from setbacks. In communities around the country, civil infrastructure projects provide an assortment of challenges to address their community’s needs. Efficiently-operating civil infrastructure is an essential component of a resilient, livable community. The highways, bridges, and wastewater treatment plants we build today have design lives

How Can Your Community Benefit from Drone Technology?

Drones have been filling our news feeds with uses such as recreational, military, and drone deliveries, but how can a municipality determine how to leverage this rapidly evolving technology? Many communities across the country are starting to research sUAS uses and invest in sUAS technology and applications.

NPDES Compliance

The City of Jurupa Valley, California, was allotted four weeks to complete a mandatory clean-up of at least 80% of its 1,039 stormwater inlets. This activity was mandated to meet guidelines established by the Clean Water Act’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program.

Asset Management

As is the case in most cities, Shelby has limited resources to invest in various infrastructure systems. Oftentimes, the systems compete for the same funding. In an effort to determine the appropriate level of funding of public improvements and the priority of the improvements, the City of Shelby is working with HR Green to develop an asset management plan and a capital improvement plan.

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