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Many of the existing water mains were deteriorating and in need of up-sizing to properly distribute water throughout the Village. Many of the existing water mains were constructed in the rear yards of homes which has made maintenance of the water mains very difficult. This water main replacement program was integrated with the drainage improvement program to develop a comprehensive plan to improve the original section of the Village while recognizing cost efficiencies and minimizing inconvenience to residents.

Each year, HR Green prepares plans and specifications for the replacement of water mains in selected areas of the Village based on an integrated CIP prioritization model that was developed in coordination with drainage projects and roadway rehabilitation projects. The first phase of the water main replacement program focused on major transmission mains. Subsequent phases have focused on the replacement of the smaller diameter water mains. Each phase includes about 6,800 to 9,000 linear feet of 6” – 12” ductile iron pipe water main and the reconnection of over 90 resident water services and the complete restoration of parkways and residents’ front and rear yards. The project also includes permitting and construction coordination with the McHenry County Division of Transportation as needed. Existing water mains located in rear yards have been abandoned and replaced with larger diameter mains located within rights-of-ways, along with significantly more valves and fire hydrants to improve the overall system.

The Water Main Replacement Program was set up based on budgetary opinions of probable cost as well as the areas with the greatest number of main breaks. A program map was developed to graphically show the elected officials and residents where and when the improvements were planned. The original replacement program was planned for fifteen years. HR Green has worked with the Village of Lake in the Hills to help them plan for annual budgets. As part of this effort, HR Green tracks the project cost trends and modifies the overall program as needed or desired. The program is a fluid plan – the areas of annual projects have been rotated as a need arises due to water quality issues or an increase in main breaks. Additional areas have been added to annual projects due to the changing needs of the Village. One annual project was split and completed over two years due to budgetary constraints. HR Green has modified the overall program in every instance.


APWA Fox Valley Branch Management Innovation Award.

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