Breckenridge Smart City Technology Assessment


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  • Breckenridge, Colorado

Challenge: The Town of Breckenridge was looking for creative ways to deal with affordable housing, traffic, and walkability. For nearly 20 years, parking and traffic congestion had been a growing concern. While increased visitation to the Town was a positive outcome, it also brought challenges that “Breck Forward” was meant to solve. Their questions:

  • How could Smart City concepts drive economic development, affordable housing, traffic flow, and pedestrian and bicycle safety?
  • How would a technology plan mesh with the community’s “Breck Forward” initiative?

Solution: The Breckenridge smart city technology assessment, plan, and dashboards were created specifically for the Town. Our team proposed five key technology solutions that would not only advance their fiber but their broader community objectives. Based on the Town’s “Breck Forward” initiative to keep the town moving, HR Green identified current trends and challenges, focusing largely on Public Works now and in the future. The team has made recommendations for the implementation of state-of-the-art Smart City technology applications.

Benefit: Utilizing the Breckenridge smart city technology assessment results, the Town is establishing new economic development-focused programs to manage parking, increase transit services, expand affordable housing options, enhance traffic flow, and provide improved pedestrian-friendly environments. The smart city technology assessment included several recommendations for the use of community fiber. The community is now building a fiber-to-the-home network, based largely on our recommendations.


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