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Sanitary Lift Stations, Storm Pump Stations, and SCADA System Upgrades

Minneapolis, MN
stormwater pump stations

Over the past 8 years, HR Green has worked with the City of Minneapolis on rehabilitation and standardization of 9 sanitary lift stations and 23 stormwater pump stations.

The rehabilitation and standardization process started with separate engineering studies of the existing sanitary lift stations and existing stormwater pump stations. The studies focused on establishing reliability and standardization needs at each of the existing 32 stations, including estimated construction costs, for budgeting purposes.

Following study completion, sanitary lift stations and stormwater pump stations were designed by HR Green, and multiple projects were bid for improvements to all 32 stations.

Following bidding, HR Green provided engineering construction services to verify that construction was completed according to design intent. HR Green provided in-house engineering services in addition to on-site construction observation.

At this time, the construction of all 9 sanitary lift stations has been completed, and the stations have been operating successfully for approximately 5 years. Construction of the 23 stormwater pump stations was recently completed. Several of the initial stormwater pump stations rehabilitated have been operating successfully for over 2 years.

HR Green is currently in the construction phase of a cellular-based SCADA system designed by HR Green to observe, and eventually operate, all 32 stations. Construction of the new SCADA system is anticipated to be completed in 2020.


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