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Challenge: Rancho Cucamonga, California, is located east of Downtown Los Angeles in San Bernardino County.  The city’s proximity to major transportation hubs, airports, and highways attracts the business of several large corporations.

Solution: Since 2019, HR Green provides Rancho Cucamonga with project planning and engineering of public improvements to the community, and the following are a sample of the projects we’ve completed.

Foothill Boulevard Pavement Rehabilitation

HR Green provided improvement plans, including separate signing and striping plans with the addition of buffered Class II bike lanes, specifications, and cost estimates for the rehabilitation of the 2.5-mile stretch of Foothill Boulevard between Milliken Avenue and East Avenue in the City of Rancho Cucamonga. This segment of Foothill was experiencing some minor distress, mainly longitudinal and block cracking of the existing wearing course with potholes throughout. The City’s preferred rehabilitation strategy was a 0”-2” edge grind and 2” overlay.

The City was initially fine with the existing raised median losing 2” of curb face, but after a thorough field review, HR Green noted that the existing median had several curb cuts throughout the project limits carrying stormwater from one side of the median to the other. The existing street was also in need of a full-depth cold mill in several areas not previously identified. After further discussion with City staff, it was agreed to perform a uniform 2” cold mill and ARHM overlay. The replacement of existing ADA facilities was also provided with a detailed survey and design of each individual access ramp.

Hermosa Avenue Widening

HR Green provided management for the preparation of an HSIP Cycle 10 grant application, design of ADA improvements in relation to the pavement rehabilitation on Church Street, design of various traffic signal modifications, and improvements to Hermosa Avenue, including widening and on-street back-in angle parking.

FY 2020/21 Traffic Signal Modifications

HR Green prepared traffic signal modification plans for three intersections in Rancho Cucamonga; Lemon Avenue and Carnelian Street, Base Line Road and Etiwanda Avenue, and Foothill Boulevard and Etiwanda Avenue. These modifications included the re-wiring of the existing signals, replacing existing cabinet/controller assemblies, installing new or replacing ex. conduit, and pulling new wire for future video detection upgrades.

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