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Challenge: Pecos Logistics Park was in need of transforming from the site of a former concrete plant into a large­-scale infill development that included 1.15 million square feet of warehouse/industrial space in Adams County, Colorado. The project scope included determining the availability of municipally owned water and sewer utilities and identifying off­-site sanitary sewer/water extension requirements, reviewing topography, and researching drainage patterns and conceptual stormwater management requirements.

Solution: HR Green provided design services for the layout and grading of the site, utilities, drainage design, and stormwater management. In addition to on-site improvements, the widening of the adjacent 56th Avenue and Vallejo Street was required to support the development of Pecos Logistics Park.

HR Green utilized Low Impact Development wherever feasible to mimic natural processes to protect water quality. Water quality swales were designed along Pecos Street and Vallejo Street utilizing the Runoff Reduction Method produced by Mile High Flood District, which was the first time this design method had been attempted in the County.

Benefit: The design of the Pecos Logistics Park made it possible for the Park to support a large­scale development with reduced impacts to the land from drainage and runoff while also widening adjacent streets.

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