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Lakewood Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Plano, IL

water treatment plant
The City of Plano wanted to improve the water treatment plant that serves the Lakewood Homes subdivision.  The existing plant operates by treating the water obtained from Wells #7 and #9. The system for Well #9 is the primary system used for water treatment. The treatment system for Well #7 is on stand-by.

The City had completed an evaluation of the filter media in the Well #9 filter vessels.  The evaluation report determined the fouling of the media in the filters with one vessel showing substantial loss of filter media. The report concluded that the chemical cleaning of the filter media was not a viable option and recommended replacement of the filter media.  In addition, the report recommended examination of the filter vessels, including all valves, underdrains, and gauges to identify needs for repairs or replacement.  Instead of spending money on the rehabilitation of the existing water treatment system, the City decided to replace them.  The City decided to replace both Wells #7 and #9 treatment systems for the sake of uniformity and also to avail of economies of scale.

As part of this project, both Well #7 and Well #9 treatment systems were removed and replaced with new horizontal pressure filter systems. To continue water service during construction, the treatment system for Well #9 was removed and replaced first. The new equipment was sized to fit into the existing building and to minimize impacts to existing piping and valves as much as possible. The new water treatment systems will significantly reduce the required backwash frequency and backwash water volume, providing operational cost savings to the City.


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