Iowa River Landing: Industrial to Mixed-Use District


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  • Coralville, Iowa

The Iowa River Landing was a re-development project that converted a 180-acre industrial area into a mixed-use district comprised of a hotel, conference center, 300,000+ square feet of retail, office, residential, and entertainment space, a medical clinic, and parking.

The City of Coralville sought to create a sustainable and pedestrian-friendly development with stormwater best management practices (BMP’s), ADA accessibility, and on-street parking to serve and attract local businesses. The multitude of BMP’s allowed the City to take advantage of grants and state funding to partially pay for the project. HR Green provided site-civil engineering, lighting, landscape architectural design services as well as on-site construction observation, administration, and inspections for the project.

The design included intricate paver layouts, entry design, ADA accessible walkways, stormwater planters, benches, trash receptacles, bollards, bike racks, lighting, fencing, wayfinding signage, and landscaping. Permeable pavers, stormwater planters, and water/salt-tolerant plant species were incorporated to manage stormwater on-site.

HR Green used an assortment of pavers to differentiate walkways, crosswalks, parking fields, drive aisles, a roundabout, and vehicular pavement markings. The Iowa River Landing improvements added substantial value to the area and created an appealing development in the City.

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