Dove Valley Wayfinding Study


  • Landscape Architecture
  • Traffic + Safety


  • Dove Valley, Colorado

HR Green is conducting a wayfinding study to brand Dove Valley, Colorado, as a destination, providing a sense of community and correcting complicated wayfinding throughout Dove Valley’s influenced area.

As part of the study, HR Green has conducted a traffic evaluation to assess circulation patterns, traffic impacts, and flows throughout the Dove Valley Metropolitan District area. Once completed, the HR Green team developed an action plan to improve wayfinding, circulation, and access throughout the District.

HR Green helped identify and proceed with Dove Valley wayfinding strategies and solutions, pedestrian walk and trail improvements, initiated road re-naming studies, and accelerated the Denver Broncos Parkway Project.

An important aspect of this wayfinding study was to promote consistency of street names, directional signage, and documentation creating ease of travel and a sense of place. To achieve this idea, roads were renamed to avoid abrupt name changes resulting in confusion when traveling. Additionally, branded street signage was developed throughout Dove Valley and will be implemented in a phased approach.

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