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Broadband Analysis

Hudson, CO

During the Summer of 2019, the Town of Hudson completed an “Introductory Broadband Analysis Report” detailing a summary of broadband projects, certain definitions, options, and case studies. Based on this report the Town Council unanimously agreed to move forward with the next steps for a potential broadband project for the community.

broadband analysis

The Town’s goals include:

    • For Town Council and the community to be able to make an informed, conclusive decision on if/how the Town should participate in bringing modern internet infrastructure to the entire community.
    • To be able to competitively seek grant funding from multiple sources in 2020 to offset some or even most costs associated with the project.
  • To provide those residing within the Town of Hudson the quality-of-life they deserve.

Town Council selected HR Green to complete a Broadband Analysis that provides citizens, Council, and staff the ability to understand the different approaches to broadband specific to Hudson.

This Broadband Analysis included:

  • Creating a preliminary network design and cost estimates, which included:
    • Conceptual Design: a robust, reliable, and cost-effective design that enables the implementation of broadband services
    • System Level Overview: an analysis of existing infrastructure, conceptual design of high-level maps and routing, candidate specifications, and a system-level overview of the potential infrastructure which in turn became a road map for financial analysis and business modeling, and for future decisions, and;
    • Cost Estimate: a cost estimate and supporting documentation for network deployment and interconnection, inclusive of anticipated construction labor, materials, engineering, permitting, quality control, and testing.
  • Conducting a financial analysis that outlined operational attributes and processes including policies, staffing levels, maintenance agreements, and other considerations.
  • Evaluating funding alternatives that included the identification of options for fund development and explored the ability of the Town to leverage federal, state, and regional grants and programs.
  • Evaluating potential partnerships with service providers whose vision and business models complement the desired outcomes of the community.
  • Preparing an Executive Summary that included the findings and recommendations that create the greatest opportunity and value to implement a network that is capable of meeting current and long-term community needs.
  • Facilitating a strategic direction workshop with decision-makers to present the Executive Summary and to work on coming up with a solution that meets the Town’s interests and goals.


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