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Our highly collaborative and interdisciplinary approach allows us to effectively manage environmental concerns, regulatory requirements, funding strategies, public and agency coordination, and technology solutions with the needs of transportation infrastructure projects.

We develop methods and strategies that are attentive to regulatory bodies, socially responsible and scientifically sound, while minimizing timeframe and costs.

HR Green implements the procedural requirements of NEPA in accordance with individual agency policies, procedures and preferences. We prepare NEPA documentation for a variety of federal actions ranging from permitting decisions to major funding allocations. Clients rely on us to identify the resources within the project study area and determine the necessary steps to comply with NEPA and other federal and state laws such as the Clean Water Act, National Historic Preservation Act and Threatened and Endangered Species Act.

  • A comprehensive list of out Our environmental services include
  1. Full NEPA Compliance Services (CE, EA, EIS, DOT Section 4(f), LAWCON Section 6(f), NHPA Section 106, ESA Section 7)
  2. Planning Studies/Location Studies/Feasibility Studies
  3. Wetland Delineation, Permitting, Mitigation Design, and Banking
  4. Tree Inventory Studies
  5. Threatened and Endangered Species Habitat Studies
  6. Stream and Wetland Rehabilitation
  7. Stormwater/Floodplain Modeling and Permitting
  8. Supporting Traffic Studies (Safety Analysis, Access Management, Forecasting and Travel Demand Modeling)
  9. Interstate Access Requests/Interchange Justification Reports
  10. Socioeconomic Studies (Environmental Justice, Community Cohesion, and Business Impacts)
  11. Agricultural Evaluations
  12. FHWA and FTA Noise Studies / Noise Assessment and Attenuation Studies
  13. Resource Agency Coordination
  14. Public Involvement Plans / Public Meetings / Stakeholder Coordination
  15. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Cartography
  16. Contaminated Sites Investigation and Remediation
  17. Context Sensitive Solutions
  18. Cost-Benefit Analysis
  19. Purpose and Need Statements and Project Termini Analysis
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