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Ladue, Missouri Chooses HR Green for Stormwater Needs Assessment Study

Hr Green, Inc.

HR Green Inc. has been chosen by the City of Ladue, MO for a stormwater needs assessment study — the first phase of a three-phase storm water program.

Anne Lamitola, the city’s director of public works, said the study is in response to ongoing complaints the city has received of widespread stormwater damage in various areas. The study will look at 19 miles of creeks, with a map to be created of problem areas. Public meetings will be scheduled on the issue, and a web site is being set up for the project.

“We are grateful to the City of Ladue for the opportunity to work with them to develop a program from the ground up that will result in a thorough understanding of the content and condition of their storm water infrastructure,” said Project Manager Peter Merten. “A major benefit to the City is that the program deliverables are interactive tools in GIS that they will be able to use to manage their storm water assets today and into the future.”

HR Green has performed similar work in the area including Warson Woods, Town & Country, and most recently St. Peters Missouri. A complete assessment using professionals in, not only storm water management, and civil engineering, but also in Global Information Systems (GIS) for digital field collection and project mapping and our experts in working with managing relationships with the public, community and clients.

The HR Green project team has a broad base of design expertise and experience in the field of hydrology, hydraulics, stormwater, combined and wastewater engineering projects located in the St. Louis Metropolitan area particularly for the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD). Since 1998, the personnel at HR Green have worked on 27 MSD projects.


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