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Cedar Rapids Chooses HR Green for Flood Protection Project

Hr Green, Inc.

The Cedar Rapids City Council approved a program management and engineering contract with HR Green, Inc. to perform design work on the City’s $570 million flood-protection project.

On June 13, 2008, the Cedar River crested to its highest level in Cedar Rapids history, 31.12 feet, far exceeding the previous record of 20 feet. The flood waters penetrated 10 square miles or 14 percent of the City. This monumental flood impacted 5,390 houses and dislocated more than 18,000 residents.

The 7.5 mile flood-protection system balances the priorities of the community to provide better protection, preserve neighborhoods and assets, and maximize open space. HR Green will be responsible for the West Side Flood Mitigation System concept. That plan is anticipated to include an estimated a combination of levee and floodwalls which will extend for an estimated 3 miles along the Cedar River. Removable floodwall sections or gates are recommended where the system is crossed by active City streets and railroad crossings. Other removable floodwalls could be recommended as more detailed planning to allow access to the river.

One section of the West Side Flood Management System is already complete. The levee that supports the new Riverfront Amphitheater at First Street SW, between Third and H Avenues, is an example of how the flood management system will look.

The State of Iowa’s Flood Mitigation Board on December 4, 2013 awarded the City of Cedar Rapids $264 million toward a flood mitigation project to protect both sides of the Cedar River.


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