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“The City of Jurupa Valley continues to be very pleased with the services that we are receiving from HR Green. The firm provides highly competent and experienced staff at reasonable hourly rates. Being able to supplement our internal team with well-managed contract staff makes us all the more effective in serving our residents and the development community.”

City Manager | Jurupa Valley

Jurupa Valley

With an extensive amount of developable land within City limits, and a desire by the City Council to foster economic sustainability, Jurupa Valley sought a solution to enhance overall operational efficiency, streamline land development processing, and support smart development.

HR Green managed IT operations and undertook a thorough operational review/assessment. This study determined that the implementation of automated solutions in various departments and an online/automated, virtual city hall, permit tracking software platform would improve efficiency, transparency, and reliability.

In just 13 months, HR Green staff members launched the City’s first permit tracking software that handled all aspects related to permits and created customized reporting. It enabled City departments to directly interface with one another as well as with the public. This led to greater efficiency and transparency in the City’s operations.

HR Green department heads and Permit Technicians spent many hours beyond their normal duty assignments in order to test, implement and deliver this crucial online permitting and reporting solution to the City.

Southern California Association of Governments + City of Cerritos

The Southern California Association of Governments wanted to test a pilot program through the City of Cerritos to test how much vehicle miles traveled could be reduced with City permitting moved online as much as possible. The goal is to reduce emissions from greenhouse gases, with an added benefit of time and money savings for cities, residents, and businesses.

HR Green was selected to develop and implement the project with the goal of moving the City’s permitting online and studying/quantifying the results to determine if the program should be expanded to other communities.

HR Green was tasked with virtual city hall training, deploying the needed software programs, integrating the needed platforms within multiple departments, and tracking the results.

The work was funded through SB2, a Future Communities Grant focused on electronic permitting systems.

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