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Marian Central High School Field of Dreams

Woodstock, IL
Marian Central High School Field of Dreams-Woodstock, IL

Marian Central Catholic High School’s Field of Dreams is a 27 acre sports complex consisting of a competitive football field/track and field facility, two competitive baseball fields, one competitive softball field, and four tennis courts, as well as accessory buildings to complement these activities. Parking facilities and stormwater management areas were also designed as part of this project. The parking areas and retention/detention basin around the sports complex were designed to incorporate the overall needs of the high school while meeting the design standards for the City of Woodstock and McHenry County. Access drives, parking areas, and pedestrian paths facilitate the movement of large crowds from the existing high school to the sports area safely and efficiently. Special attention was paid to the pedestrian access across Illinois State Route 120 and included coordination with the Illinois Department of Transportation to design and permit a pedestrian traffic signal and pedestrian barriers for the safe crossing.

HR Green was responsible for all site design and surveying services required to complete the sports complex project, as well as all permitting and coordination with local and state permitting agencies. Roadway improvements to Route 120 as well as the adjacent local roads through the City of Woodstock were included to further improve the safe crossing of Route 120 for pedestrians. Also included in HR Green’s scope of service was wetland delineation and coordination to incorporate protection of existing wetlands within the site. The project’s stormwater basins were designed to enhance the wetland areas and water quality basins needed for stormwater management within the project limits.


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