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Route 109 / Pond Grover Loop Rd

Wildwood, MO

The City of Wildwood and MoDOT teamed up to provide federal, state, and local funding for the planning and design of the widening of Route 109 from 2-lanes to 4-lanes between Route 100 to Old Manchester Road, approximately 1.6 miles. HR Green was the design consultant for several separate projects spanning five-plus years of work along the corridor, including the construction of four (4) multi-lane roundabouts in the corridor, striped on-street bike lanes, multi-use trails, and grade-separation facilities for safe multimodal interaction.

Route 109 Roundabout

A key design issue for the corridor was the need to balance motorized and non-motorized users of a heavily utilized existing multi-use trail runs along Route 109. To address concerns about the safety of pedestrians crossing Route 109, the use of raised, landscaped medians were evaluated and implemented where practical throughout the project. In addition, three grade-separated structures were constructed with the project, including two precast box culverts that cross under Route 109 to connect the existing and new trail infrastructure along Routes 100 and 109 with the City’s new Community Park. Additionally, a pre-manufactured bridge was included to span over Route 109 just north of the Route 100 westbound ramps. This structure connects the existing multi-use trails on both sides of Route 109 that run parallel to Route 100. In total, the project included the addition of about 3,000 feet of new multi-use trail.

Project development included a significant public involvement effort. The corridor is a heavily-traveled section of roadway with a myriad of traffic concerns and a varied mix of residential, commercial, and institutional uses. Three schools (two grade schools and one high school) and a landscape nursery are all within several hundred yards of each other, creating traffic congestion in the AM and PM hours. In addition, one of the grade schools has a church, so concerns were high from this constituency as well. Furthermore, two gas stations had their rights access restricted to right-in / right-out and coordination had to mitigate their losses. Furthermore, the project team also met with Metro-West Fire Protection District, various neighborhood groups, and the Rockwood School District to communicate project plans and coordinate construction activities. Finally, to educate drivers (especially new drives from the high school in using roundabouts), MoDOT helped by providing instructional videos and pamphlets which were made available at public meetings, through the Wildwood City Hall and on City and MoDOT websites.

The corridor work has been a great success in improving the safety of all users of the corridor and the follow-up projects were only possible through the accomplishment of the first project.




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