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HR Green was selected to review building and civil inspection for the Planning Area 2 of the Ranch Plan, a 23,000-acre development composed of 6,000 buildable acres. Previously, various HR Green staff provided plan check and map check review of various projects and backbone infrastructure associated with Planning Area 1 of the Ranch Plan. Our team reviewed tentative maps, site development plans, rough grading and precise grading plans, Runoff Management Plans, hydrology and hydraulic studies, Water Quality Management Plans, revetment plans, storm drain plans, and street improvement plans, checking for conformance to the County of Orange standards and regulations, easements and right-of-way requirements and for conformance to the conditions of approval. In the first year, the team reviewed and commented on 25 plans and reports with increasing volume as the project began to break ground.

The HR Green team is proficient in using the County’s APPS Program to:

  • Input plan check comments
  • Log and track projects
  • Track plan reviewer time for invoicing
  • Generate reports
  • Log and forward plans to other departments
  • Track fee deposits

Plan check and related services were conducted in accordance with all accepted industry professional practices, and comply with the applicable regulations. HR Green has provided the following benefits to the client.

Cost + Energy Savings:  Electronically transmitted response letters and tracking logs concurrently to the Rancho Mission Viejo (RMV) developer, engineers, and County with hardcopy transmittal returned to County and developer team. Revised drainage analysis showing infrastructure demands to match localized requirements, thereby reducing total infrastructure costs. Constructability reviews to reduce potential project overruns during construction.

Budget Performance:  Performed work within the budget. Provided developer with estimated hours to complete plan checks in advance of initiating work and hold our staff accountable to meet these budgets.

Schedule Performance:  The team maintained a 100% on-time review rate in accordance with the County and developer’s fast-track timetable. HR Green participated in roundtable discussions facilitated by the County with developers to ensure cognizance of current standards to help speed review times and ease approvals.  In addition, HR Green staff:

  • Worked closely with the County and developer team to expedite specific reviews as needed through the use of a large internal team and consultant pool
  • Hand-carried submittals from the County to the plan review team and sub-consultants within the same day
  • Provided same-day processing of plan check budgets with the County
  • Electronically transmitted response letters and tracking logs concurrently to The Ranch developer, engineers, and County with hardcopy transmittal returned to County and developer team

Key Accomplishments:

  • Hands-on Project Manager and key staff have delivered some of the largest volume of plan check work on Planning Area 1 of the Ranch Plan
  • Maintain 100% on-time review rate to meet County and developer’s fast-track timetable
  • Plan review, mapping, water quality review, and building and civil inspection
  • Accurate and timely invoicing
  • Utilize electronic plan review/digital commenting
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