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Montauk AEL

Tulsa, OK
Montauk AEL-Tulsa, OK

HR Green was hired by Montauk Energy as EPC contractor to design, procure and construct a two Caterpillar 3520 Gas Fired low BTU Engine Genset powered plant. Each Genset produces 1.6 Megawatts of electric power (3.2 Megawatts total). The project is located at the American Environmental Landfill located in Sand Springs, Oklahoma and was put into electric production in February of 2013.

The generated power is stepped up from 4160 volts to 13.8kV through on-site transformers. American Electrical Power (AEP), the local utility, provided overhead lines to the power plant from theWekiwa local substation several miles from the power plant. This project was the first for AEP to receive power on their grid from a privately owned generating facility.


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