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Minneapolis Community Technical College (MCTC)

Minneapolis, MN
Mobility Study

The HR Green team produced a Mobility Study/ Technical Memorandum as part of the MCTC Climate Action Plan (CAP). MCTC has committed to reducing its emissions generated by commuting students, staff, and faculty. The recommendations and strategy described in the Mobility Study is helping establish a more environmentally friendly campus while improving the quality of life.

The entire approach and measurement of success is based on creating a more advantageous environment for the alternative modes of transportation such as bicycle, pedestrian and mass transit. The report includes implementation recommendations for both the MCTC campus along with the routes serving the campus. The study includes both operations and infrastructure tools to help achieve a more balanced and environmentally friendly campus environment. As part of the process, a very successful online survey was developed for the students, faculty, and staff. This important component was analyzed, processed and included within the Mobility Study.


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