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International Plaza Drive Reconstruction

St. Ann, MO
International Plaza Drive Reconstruction - St. Ann, MO

International Plaza Drive is a collector roadway in the northern section of the City of St. Ann that serves as a major entry point into the City, and an East/West shuttle to the City’s golf course and to St. Ann Park. Previously, the roadway was a two-lane, two-way boulevard style roadway with approximately 20-ft wide driving lanes and a small center median containing large Bradford Pear trees.

HR Green’s federally-funded project consisted of a “road diet”, widening the center median to 8-ft and shrinking the driving surface to a 12-ft lane in each direction. The multi-modal needs of the community were served by the addition of a bike lane in each direction; complete with new curb and gutter for drainage. The existing sidewalk was removed and widened to 6-ft. The meandering walkway/path was flanked by landscaping to aesthetically enhance the south side of the corridor.

To address the water quality requirements of the project, the roadway was sloped to drain toward the center median into a bio-retention area created to slow the water down and clean it before it enters Coldwater Creek. In addition, bioretention areas were added outside of the roadway limits where possible to collect water coming to the project from offsite. The biorention areas are comprised of soil and gravel mixtures capable of filtering the runoff as it percolates through, and their surfaces are planted with compatible plantings to aid in the process. The project was completed within budget and in a very short timeframe and has been used by MSD as a showpiece for innovative water quality measures at a recent APWA State Conference.


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