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Illinois Department of Transportation Bureau of Local Roads Project Management

IDOT District 1, Chicago Region
Resident Engineering

HR Green was selected by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to assist in their project management for projects being processed through the Bureau of Local Roads and Streets. HR Green is providing the required resources that have the experience and expertise to work with the Bureau of Local Roads staff in managing various local agency Phase I, II and III Projects. HR Green has staff members located in the District office assigned work that includes engineering, technical, engineering management, project control, administrative services and other assigned tasks necessary to assist the Department in bringing completion and closeout to the projects expeditiously.


Work performed includes the following:

  1. Engineering and Management
  2. Provide review and comment on Project submittals to ensure work is completed in accordance with State and Federal Standards.
  3. Manage and monitor progress/schedule of Local Agency project submittals.
  4. Review Phase I documents including Project Development Reports, Feasibility Studies, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements,and Intersection Design Studies.
  5. Review Phase II documents include: Engineering Contract Plans, Engineer’s Cost Estimates, Estimates of Time, Specifications and Special Provisions.
  6. Coordinate with IDOT Bureaus of Programming, Design, Construction, Materials, Traffic and Maintenance to obtain various reviews and approvals.
  7. Prepare and issue letters for reconciliation of MFT Audit deficiencies.
  8. HR Green provides assistance in local lettings and award of the contracts, pre-construction meetings, construction supervision, change orders, pay estimates, materials inspection and documentation, project closeouts, final financial reports, Maintenance expenditures statements and reconciliation of MFT Audits by IDOT and local agency records of MFT expenditures.
  9. Federal Aid Technical Support .
  10. Review, process and monitor Local Agency Project Funding Reimbursements.
  11. Assist in the preparation of Local Agency Joint Agreements.
  12. Review, process and transmit State Job Number Request Forms.

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