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Grove Road Realignment

Yorkville, IL
Grove Road Realignment-Yorkville, IL

The project consisted of the realignment of approximately one mile of Grove Road, north of Illinois Route 126. The north and south legs of Grove Road previously intersected Route 126 approximately one-third mile apart.  The realignment of the north leg resulted in one, 4-way intersection where previously only the south leg intersected Route 126.  The new alignment also eliminated the existing, substandard reverse curves near Roberts Drive, approximately one-half mile north of Route 126.  Associated improvements included the widening of Route 126 and the south approach of Grove Road to accommodate added auxiliary turn lanes at the new, combined intersection.

HR Green developed several alternatives for building the connection to existing Grove Road at the north end of the project. Each alternative had to consider maintenance of access to Roberts Drive, as well as the farmstead located along existing Grove Road north of Illinois Route 126.  Due to the complexities involved with constructing the connection under traffic and the additional cost associated with the construction of temporary runarounds, the County elected to temporarily close the road instead. HR Green developed a comprehensive detour plan to facilitate the closure of Grove Road north of Illinois Route 126.

HR Green carefully reviewed each environmental resource area early-on in the project’s development. While the County had already created a preliminary centerline alignment, HR Green was able to incorporate some minor adjustments that allowed for avoidance of two (2) wetland sites.  There were no adverse impacts to any natural resources as a result of the project.


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