Golfview, Monroe, Hazard, Route 68 Improvements Project


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  • Carpentersville, Illinois

Golfview Lane, Monroe Avenue, and Hazard Road project comprise a well-used residential corridor on the east side of Carpentersville, Illinois. The corridor connects Illinois Route 25 on the northwest and Illinois Route 68 on the south. Located in a low- to moderate-income neighborhood originally constructed in the 1950s. Underground utilities and pavement conditions had deteriorated. Past resurfacing projects had nearly eliminated original curbs. The drainage system was non-existing with only surface flow in the streets as the primary drainage collection system.

The HR Green engineers found a solution to the problem.  Besides assisting the Village in securing the federal grant for the project, they designed and provided construction administration services for the roadway reconstruction with new curb and gutter, sidewalks, and street paving along with intersection improvements and a traffic signal. Water mains were also replaced. Sanitary sewers were inspected with closed-circuit television equipment, and then lined-in-place for a cost-effective extension of their service life. A new storm sewer system was installed, which discharges to an underground infiltration trench and stone-filled drywell. These innovative techniques reduce point-source discharge of stormwater pollutants to the waters of Illinois. Installation of the pipeline to the infiltration trench required underpinning of adjacent homes to prevent foundation damage.

The project corridor was home to a diverse cast of stakeholders, from school children to mass transit customers. Public meetings were held during the preliminary planning and final design stages to keep the neighborhood informed and involve them in the rejuvenation of their neighborhood. The project was let through the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) completed in accordance with IDOT documentation requirements. HR Green utilized IDOT’s ICORS construction management software to complete this project.

The Golfview, Monroe, Hazard, Route 68 Improvements Project demonstrates exemplary teamwork between Village, the engineer, and the contractor. The project also embodies the mission of the civil engineering profession to enhance the urban environment and further public wellbeing. The $5.2 million project was constructed with STP, Federal, State, and local funds and was completed three weeks ahead of schedule. The Notable Achievements include the innovative handling of stormwater, reducing point-source contamination of the waters of Illinois, and the rejuvenation of a low- to moderate-income urban area.


ACEC Illinois – Merit Award

APWA Project of the Year – Fox Valley Branch

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