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  • Jurupa Valley, Palos Verdes Estates | California

Jurupa Valley

HR Green developed a GIS, asset management database based on the industry-standard design that accommodates the data necessary to manage the City’s community data and provided training to City staff.  Work included:

  1. Data compilation, developing ArcGIS Online (AGOL), and map applications that provide agency staff with access to their GIS data in both the office and the field.
  2. To accelerate the delivery of construction documents for a citywide pavement rehabilitation initiative, HR Green leveraged GIS to save time and money by developing and managing a new traffic accident and signing, striping, and markings database.
  3. HR Green also developed a GIS database to work with a mobile app that interfaces with Collector for ArcGIS and Operations Dashboard to allow field personnel to collect data remotely while updating the database in real-time and running searches as needed.

“The City of Jurupa Valley continues to be very pleased with the services that we are receiving from HR Green. The firm provides highly competent and experienced staff at reasonable hourly rates. Being able to supplement our internal team with well-managed contract staff makes us all the more effective in serving our residents.”

– City Manager | Jurupa Valley

Palos Verdes Estates

City officials needed inventories for catch basins as well as an updated inventory of trees adjacent to private property.

HR Green developed a customized GIS-based database for each asset, collected information, including photos, as needed, so maintenance activity could be prioritized and programmed.

  1. The catch basin asset inventory included metadata to collect a GPS location of each one and then gather information such as condition, dimensions, material, and photos. A GIS application was also developed to be used by City staff and cleaning contractors to record a cleaning record on each catch basin and report the volume and composition of accumulated litter.
  2. The tree inventory program featured tree type, height/diameter, location, history, and any required maintenance, as it was last compiled in 1999.
  3. Utilizing GIS, asset management technology via the ESRI platform, HR Green built an app that is used by City staff to inventory trees in the field. Data is synced in real-time and can be accessed by anyone with login rights.
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