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The City’s Planning Department required assistance from a third-party reviewer to assess the technical aspects of small cell/5G applications, such as analysis of “significant gaps” in the applicant’s service, feasible alternative locations and/or design, and whether the applicant proposed the “least intrusive means” to achieve its technical objective. In addition, to effectively manage the public right-of-way and mitigate impacts on residents, the City desired to comprehensively assess the location of existing and proposed small cell facilities and structures citywide.

HR Green was selected to provide fiber and broadband consulting and review small cell applications and develop a customized GIS-based platform that incorporated multiple data points into a single online database of approximately 350 existing wireless communication facilities.

All existing files are being reviewed along with a physical survey/examination of each site. Over 40 data points are collected including location, equipment, antennas, dimensions, project description, and more. Photos are taken at each location and included with the dataset.

With a projected six-month turnaround time, the database also assimilates all related historical permit data and has identified several locations where a facility has been removed and facilities that were not previously documented with any paperwork.

The database yields visual density maps and potential safety hazards are reported to the City. The physical examination can also determine if the original permit permissions were followed and if the equipment has changed. This will serve as an invaluable tool for the City to use going forward as they chart and manage future wireless communication facilities and potentially incorporate other equipment into select locations.

Jurupa Valley

Upon incorporation, the City inherited an aging, above-ground and sub-surface infrastructure and an inadequate telecommunications network. Under HR Green’s fiber and broadband consulting, the City has prioritized improving its infrastructure, transportation, and telecommunications network which has spurred extensive new development (mixed-use, residential, commercial, and industrial) and sustainable economic vibrancy in the community.

As the City Engineer/Public Works Director, Assistant City Manager, and Economic Development Senior Manager, HR Green has developed a comprehensive and strategic CIP program centered on the design and construction of citywide infrastructure improvements. We have designed a robust and aggressive citywide street improvement/rehabilitation program and coordinated a $60 million utility CIP. In conformance with FCC small cell/5G deployment guidelines, our staff wrote the City’s small cell ordinance and 5G design standards and has begun to review small cell plans and approve encroachment permits.

Also, to date, MCI Telecom has installed 25+ miles of 5G fiber backbone and conduit throughout the City as part of an Inland Empire-wide deployment. This includes underground and overhead installation, and directional boring through various encroachment permits requiring City review, construction monitoring, and approval. HR Green has processed and approved encroachment permits while our inspectors monitor that the conduit, fiber, depth of install, and traffic control plans for public convenience and safety comply with standards and specifications.

“The City of Jurupa Valley continues to be very pleased with the services that we are receiving from HR Green.  The firm provides highly competent and experienced staff at reasonable hourly rates. Being able to supplement our internal team with well-managed contract staff makes us all the more effective in serving our residents and the development community.”

City Manager | Jurupa Valley

Pico Rivera

Pico Rivera’s leadership team identified multiple projects underway that were only loosely tied together, but which represented a significant opportunity to create a smart platform for future development. The projects included the pursuit of a street light municipalization through a Community Choice Aggregation initiative with SCE. The City recognized that the coordination of signals was a crucial next step for the community.

HR Green was selected to provide fiber and broadband consulting and helped the City develop a Fiber Optic Master Plan which let the City control its destiny by deploying a converged network and connected infrastructure model for future development. Not only will the infrastructure be designed, but the community plans to leverage HR Green’s expertise to pursue grant funding to de-risk fiber optic deployment through the creative use of HSIP grants to help deploy the network at a deep discount to a fully city-funded buildout.

The Master Plan also evaluates community satisfaction with existing broadband services, documents current infrastructure and provider options, and developed a staged approach for fiber optic and Smart City application deployment.

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