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Laguna Hills

Laguna Hills needed multi-faceted consulting services to meet its wide-ranging land development and CIP needs.

HR Green staff members have provided construction management and inspection for infrastructure and building projects, including civic center renovation, street improvements, parks, commercial tenant improvements, new homes, smaller permit inspections (solar and OSHPD 3 inspections for patient care facilities), HVAC systems, roofing, traffic signals, EV charging stations, and mixed-use developments.

“HR Green assign qualified personnel with strong technical and interpersonal skills, offers sound guidance and recommendations on key initiatives and project issues, produces thorough and accurate documentation, and responds quickly when called upon.”

– Interm City Manager/Public Services Director | Laguna Hills

Palos Verdes Estates

Palos Verdes Estates needed a firm that could provide full-service engineering, construction management, plan check, water quality, project, and program management, roadway design, and inspection.

Since 2015, HR Green has provided construction management and inspection of infrastructure improvements (e.g., pavement striping and marking on various roadways; annual street resurfacing and slurry seal program; and citywide drainage improvements and street repairs.)

These projects include annual slurry seal and pavement rehabilitation as well as residential home reconstruction and installation of fencing/barriers and warning signage; Solano Canyon improvements; and city hall emergency generator replacement. Our staff also coordinated with City public works maintenance staff in helping prioritize maintenance activities, catch basin cleaning, and placement of water quality BMPs.

“HR Green has provided a wide scope of resources, shown initiative to optimize a customer-centric service model, a capacity to identify and implement recommendations, leveraged new technologies to streamline operational efficiencies, and a strong commitment and ability to meet the City’s expectations.”

– Former Acting City Manager/Public Works Director/City Engineer | Palos Verdes Estates

Jurupa Valley

With the City’s incorporation in 2011, there existed a need to provide experienced consulting professionals who could manage Public Works, Engineering, Building Safety, and Economic Development operations.

HR Green’s engineering staff and inspectors have worked collaboratively to provide comprehensive construction management and inspection of both CIP and land development building and infrastructure projects. This included the multi-story renovation of a historic building dating back to 1911 to serve as the City’s new City Hall and Public Works Maintenance Complex.

HR Green staff implemented a Quality Control Plan and thoroughly reviewed and monitored traffic management plans to mitigate impacts to businesses and schools. Proactive public outreach and community engagement programs were also conceived and implemented by HR Green, including bilingual workshops and digital outreach.

“The City of Jurupa Valley continues to be very pleased with the services that we are receiving from HR Green. The firm provides highly competent and experienced staff at reasonable hourly rates. Being able to supplement our internal team with well-managed contract staff makes us all the more effective in serving our residents and the development community.”

– City Manager | Jurupa Valley 

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