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CIP Improvements

City of Nevada, IA

HR Green has been assisting the City of Nevada, Iowa, with development of  their Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and design of their infrastructure projects since 2002. The CIP reflects the needs and priorities established by the City and the resources available to the City. Using dTIMS roadway analysis and GIS data for underground facilities, the City identifies streets, sewer, and water projects to be included in the program. Once specific projects are identified, HR Green prepares a separate scope of services, budget, and fee for each project. HR Green has provided comprehensive technical consulting for a wide range of municipal projects in Nevada over the past several years.

HR Green completed over 32 CIP projects for the City since 2011, with an additional four projects anticipated in the current 2017 contract. HR Green will be providing professional engineering services for the following projects in 2017:

  • Street Improvement Projects consisting of reconstruction of streets, sewers, and water main at five different locations throughout the City of Nevada.
  • Asphalt Paving Improvements consisting of HMA overlays for four different street segments within the City.
  • 15th Street and H Avenue Lift Station study and concept to relieve hydraulic overloading of the existing lift station during the initial phase. The second phase will consist of design of the preferred solution.
  • Storm Collector Lines Project consisting of the installation of storm collector lines at over four different locations.

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