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Bridge Inspection Program

Rockford, IL
Rockford Bridge Inspection - Rockford, IL

HR Green has been performing Biennial Bridge safety inspections for the City of Rockford since 2003. The work includes an update of the existing Bridge Inspection Database supplied by the City and the completion of the structure information system Routine Inspection Forms, Special Feature Inspection Forms and Underwater Inspection forms for submittal to the Illinois Department of Transportation. HR Green is also responsible for a summary, describing bridges in need of repairs, the scope of repairs needed, and a budget estimate of repair costs for structures with sufficiency ratings of less than 50. The City Bridge inventory includes more than 100 structures ranging from culverts to Rock River Crossings.

During each inspection cycle (every two years) HR Green prepares underwater contour drawing adjacent to all bridge piers for the Rock River bridges. The contours are mapped by hydrographic soundings, correlated with GPS from HR Green’s boat and verified/supplemented with rod soundings. HR Green is the Program Manager for Rockford’s bridges. As Program Manager, we help city staff determine priorities for maintenance and for inclusion in their capital improvement program. HR Green also provides required Element Level Inspections for a dozen structures on the National highway System.


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