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Addresses Aging Infrastructure with Facility Plan

Harrisburg, SD
Addresses Aging Infrastructure with Facility Plan - Harrisburg, SD

HR Green began providing City Engineering Services to the City of Harrisburg in May of 2004. The City was in the midst of rapid growth and it quickly became apparent that the community needed master planning completed for its water and wastewater system to address aging infrastructure in the older portions of the community as well as expansion plans for new developments. The Facility Plan looked at the entire systems, from water supply, storage, and distribution to sanitary sewer collection and wastewater treatment. Population projections were completed to determine future water demands and wastewater loadings. Environmental review was also included in the Facility Plan.

A 20-year plan was developed for the water system with recommended improvements to create a trunk water main network to serve new growth areas and a replacement plan for aging and undersized water mains. Additional water towers were proposed to improve pressure and provide storage in the distribution system. For the sanitary sewer system, basins were identified and trunk interceptors laid out and sized in preparation for future growth. Cost estimates included in the Facility Plan have been used during capital improvement planning and the final document has been a plan that the City refers to frequently to address planning needs.


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