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5G Streetlight Assessment

Greenwood Village, CO

The City of Greenwood Village sought to revise its management of small cells and engaged HR Green to develop a 5G streetlight assessment about the costs, benefits, and alternatives related to improving the ownership and management of the 700+ Xcel Energy streetlights within City limits. Of interest was the goal of reducing the energy component of a typical street lighting bill to 10% of the total cost of a municipal street light system. More importantly, HR Green advised the City to coordinate its management of small cell deployments with ownership of its street lighting in a comprehensive analysis.

5G Streetlight assessment

For consideration:

  • Could the City rethink its management of small cells, public illumination, and “municipalize” its streetlights in order to reduce costs and position itself for emerging technologies?
  • Should the City repurpose its underground conduits, using them for new small cells, electrical conductors, telecommunications and/or extending fiber optic networks?

HR Green conducted a multi-phase approach. The first step of the 5G streetlight assessment was to collect various data points such as billing invoices, then review streetlight inventories, attributes and locations, and re-examine how monthly bills are derived. The second step was to conduct an analysis of the possibility of municipalizing the City’s existing street lighting infrastructure based on the collected data, analysis of costs, and the expected purchase price. The analysis was accepted by Greenwood Village staff, and the City Council voted to pursue the purchase of the system.  They view this step as key to their 5G strategy. Their goal is modernize the streetlight system with a standardized small cell pole.  This can only be accomplished with the municipal ownership of the streetlight system.


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