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Public Involvement + CSS

The success of transportation improvement projects depends in large part on community support. Utilizing a context-sensitive solutions (CSS) approach allows us to recognize and identify stakeholder interests and provide an open forum for communication and the ability to build enthusiasm, ownership and support for the project.

We have developed a structured, yet flexible strategy to assist our clients in addressing community concerns, including a variety of tools for communicating with the public, from facilitation of public meetings, direct mail campaigns and public relation activities to project websites and multi-media events. We recognize most situations will fall short of unanimous support or consensus; however, enough of an agreement is reached such that the project can move forward successfully.

We have conducted public hearings for smaller community projects as well as complex multi-state highway proposals. Describing the project and construction process during a preconstruction public meeting, creating a newsletter and designing websites to provide a forum for residents to ask questions, receive e-mail construction updates and view photos as work progresses have all benefitted residents and the clients who feel a part of the process and appreciate detailed and effective communication.

  • Public involvement techniques may include:
  1. Websites
  2. Email campaigns
  3. Public meetings
  4. Focus groups
  5. Media outreach
  6. Newsletters and factsheets
  7. Displays
  8. Educational programs
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