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Smart Communities

Fiber-connected infrastructure

In today’s hyper-competitive housing market, creating differentiation can be a key factor in selling more homes. More and more, homeowners are demanding smart, connected experiences. Recent studies by the Fiber to the Home Council have shown that homes where internet download speeds of 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) is available have a transaction price of 7.1% more than similar homes where 25 Mbps or less is available. For Millennials, internet provider access can be the deciding factors when assessing a home and they make up 43% of all smart home product users according to the National Association of Realtors.

Imagine a community where smart is built in. Centrally integrated smart home amenities like security, lighting, temperature control and A/V equipment… all powered by gigabit connectivity for ultra-fast entertainment, streaming, working from home and family gaming. Beyond the front door, your customers and utility providers enjoy sustainability benefits by using fiber-connected infrastructure to manage water, energy and more.

Now imagine that you can enjoy the advantage of higher margins and faster sales absorption – while also create lasting revenue streams. For years, owners of multi-family dwelling units (MDUs) have negotiated right of entry (ROE) agreements with preferred broadband service providers in exchange for meaningful compensation. Expanding these concepts to your single-family developments can create meaningful financial benefits for you as a builder and developer.


David Zelenok, PE

Fiber + Broadband Practice Leader

Edward Barrett

Fiber + Broadband Practice Leader

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