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Drone (sUAS) Imagery

Powerful Eyes in the Sky

Drones have been filling our news feeds with uses such as recreational, military, and drone-deliveries, but how can a municipality determine how to leverage this rapidly evolving technology? Our surveying team now utilizes this technology to benefit our clients by providing more than just aerial photography.

These drones, called Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) by the FAA, can take high-quality imagery that can assist with corridor design and construction, pavement evaluations, mapping, and detailed before-and-after site photos. Our sUAS is equipped with a camera that uses multispectral sensors that acquire data used for computing various indices in order to create maps for assessing plant health, estimating biomass and more.

Reaching New Heights in Surveying

HR Green’s FAA licensed operators are highly trained to abide by all FAA regulations as well as monitor safety, trespassing and privacy issues. In addition, HR Green’s high-end equipment and cameras can provide imagery and elevation data that can benefit your public agency with the following:


  1. 3D modeling, planning studies, and suitability analysis (e.g., new utilities, transportation corridors, and commercial development)
  2. Flood defense planning, mitigation mapping, and damage assessment
  3. Supplement Environmental Phase I ESA surveys
  4. Stream, wetland mitigation, and vegetative surveys
  5. Environmental compliance monitoring

Asset Management + Inspections

  1. Determine location and condition of community assets
  2. Help with dangerous inspections (e.g., roofs, bridges, water towers, dams, flooding, air emissions and stack evaluations)
  3. Determine how much material in gravel pits

Surveying + Terrain Mapping

  1. Quickly document site conditions via aerial photos
  2. Terrain mapping in non-vegetated areas
  3. Corridor mapping
  4. Construction progress mapping — pre, during, and post construction flights
FAA Remote Pilot and GIS Contact

Michael Liska, GISP

FAA Remote Pilot and GIS Contact
FAA Remote Pilot and Survey Contact

John Boline, PLS

FAA Remote Pilot and Survey Contact
Mike Fischer of HR Green, Inc.
Survey Contact

Mike Fischer, PLS

Survey Contact

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How Can Your Community Benefit from Drone Technology? Authored by HR Green, Posted with permission from ILCMA.

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