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As public agencies face in-house resource availability challenges, staff reductions, limited funding, and increasingly heavy workloads, there is a growing desire to implement time-saving, cost-effective solutions.

Many municipalities rely on HR Green to provide Plan Review, also called Plan Check, services.  HR Green is responsible for performing comprehensive civil and building plan reviews on a wide variety of roadway, water, and sewer improvements as well as developments, such as business, commercial, industrial, multi-family, townhomes, condominiums, universities, single family homes and others (Healthcare, Institutional, Government Buildings, etc.). These include complete reviews, or reviews of specific disciplines, of projects for compliance with fire and life safety, building, structural, energy conservation, fuel and gas, accessibility, electrical, mechanical and plumbing requirements in accordance with current applicable state and local codes.


HR Green specializes in providing a “green”, paperless electronic plan review and tracking solution called HR Green Check where reviews and comments are accessible electronically. This tool maximizes collaboration and expedites requests while eliminating printing, shipping, storage, and travel costs. By using an electronic plan review process, you can reduce turnaround review schedules between 20-40% and increase collaboration.

Our staff average 20+ years of experience and will be a true partner with your agency to efficiently process your projects. HR Green’s performance is exceptional with 98% on-time plan reviews. For developers, owners, and investors, time is money and this creates an environment which is conducive to economic development.

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George Wentz, PE

West Regional Contact

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HR Green’s Tina York discusses the efficiencies of an electronic plan review process with ICMA. Read the full article here.

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