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NPDES Erosion Control

All construction activities have the potential to cause soil erosion and many water experts believe the greatest water pollution threat from soil-disturbing activities is the introduction of sediment from the construction site into storm drain systems or natural receiving waters.

Per the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), periodic inspections on stormwater outfalls are required by law to prevent illicit discharges.

NPDES Phase II Requires:

  1. Storm sewer system map
  2. Regulatory mechanism to prevent illicit discharges (ordinances, etc.)
  3. Public education
  4. Plan to detect & address non-stormwater discharges
  5. Measurable goals (Illicit Discharge Reduction)

We have erosion control professionals on staff that can help address unique conditions common in municipalities that could cause further problems in the future and verify that systems are compliant with all EPA and NPDES regulations. This includes evaluating the current NPDES Phase II program for its effectiveness, maintaining records for IEPA audits, and assisting with planning and executing revisions to municipalities’ MS4, if needed.

With years of technologically advanced stormwater procedure experience, our stormwater group develops new systems and assists with rehabilitating, upgrading, and expanding existing facilities. We can help with each step of a municipalities’ journey in protecting public and natural resources.

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