Smart City: Managing Your 5G Future

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Smart City: Managing Your 5G Future (Two-part session)

Presented by: Ed Barrett, B.A., Practice Leader – Fiber and Broadband Services, HR Green, Inc.; Dave Zelenok, PE, Manager Local Governmental Services, HR Green, Inc.; and practitioner panelists including Nick Radcliffe, M.P.A., Senior Management Analyst, Village of Elk Grove Village and a municipal attorney and others

Dave Zelenok
Ed Barrett

Description: This two-part session addresses ways to maximize the coming wave of 5G and the Smart Cities movement.

Part 1. Explore your local control over the implementation of 5G expansion by providers. Learn how proactive communities are developing new methods to encourage 5G to drive economic development and other local goals. Develop an understanding of state law and FCC regulations over small cell tower deployment, and learn to create effective public policy to maximize your local control over the coming 5G expansion. Learn tips from a municipal attorney and experienced technical/industry consultants about how to leverage innovative tactics, including industry partnerships, to improve aesthetics, capture innovation, enhance economic development, minimize costs and prepare for this exciting technology.

Part 2. New technologies are having a profound effect on the way officials are managing their transportation infrastructure. Here’s a glimpse into the future of innovative technologies:

  • Autonomous cars – what secondary effects, consequences, and impact will they have on the public?
  • How will these technologies change our urban fabric?
  • How can you repurpose your underused utility, street lighting, and traffic signal infrastructure to support 5G small cells and provide gigabit-speed broadband?


  • Clarify confusion and misunderstandings by describing what 5G really is.
  • Explain the mandated elements and preempted local authority of 5G installation in communities.
  • Learn about proactive steps local governments can take to review 5G plans.
  • Learn how to leverage innovative tactics to improve aesthetics, capture innovation, and enhance economic development.
  • Explore the advent of the smart city and the impacts new technologies will have.
  • Consider alternatives on how to repurpose underused utility, street lighting, and traffic signal infrastructure to support 5G small cells.
  • Explore current and future deployment of 5G scenarios that might be on the horizon.

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