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HR Green Picked by Liberty, Texas for Wastewater Collection System Evaluation

Hr Green, Inc.

Liberty, Texas has picked HR Green to undertake a wastewater collection system evaluation resulting in a preliminary engineering report (PER).  The collection system in Liberty was inundated this past Spring (2015) due to frequent intense rainfall and subsequent flooding of the Trinity River.   Infiltration and inflow (I&I) due to leaking pipes and other collection system deficiencies caused for conveyance of water higher than the system was capable.  The flooding also caused low land facilities to flood resulting in inoperation and some damage.  A smaller rehabilitation project was planned but this event caused for the City to step back and find ways to harden the system reducing vulnerability in the future.

“We are excited to work with the city to plan for the restoration and improvements to these vital city services,” said Project Manager Mike Halde.

HR Green will produce a complete study of the city’s sanitary sewers including manholes, collection lines, and lift stations.   These elements will be evaluated using visual inspection, cleaning and televising equipment, hydraulic and desktop modelling.  Future hydraulic conditions will be forecasted including additional service areas. These future conditions will be evaluated against existing facility capacities to determine improvements both to meet current and future conditions.  The assessments and evaluations will be setup in a geographic information system (GIS) as a tool to plan the improvements and have a system record for future needs.

HR Green will work with Federal Emergency Management Agency and Liberty to identify damage caused by the flooding as well as mitigate flood damages from occurring in the future.  FEMA will provide aid as improvements qualify.  In addition, at the sewer treatment plant, the influent lift station and headworks will be reviewed to determine extent of damages caused by the recent flooding. Assessment will include electrical, structural, and mechanical elements.  Recommendations will include restoration of facilities to integrity similar to pre-flood condition.  The last element reviewed and included in the PER is a recommendation to provide plant effluent water from the sewer treatment plant to a nearby industry.


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