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Houston Picks HR Green for Midtown and Montrose area Project

Hr Green, Inc.

The City of Houston authorized HR Green, Inc. to begin work on final design plans, specifications and cost estimate for the third phase of a drainage improvement project that will provide drainage relief for a 1,070 acre fully developed part of the city known as Midtown and Montrose, one of the earliest sections of the city to be developed.

The original storm sewer system was installed in the early part of the 20th century and is considerably undersized to convey runoff from this now densely populated area.  As a result of the undersized storm sewer system, this area routinely floods during normal rainfall events.  The new project will provide relief to the existing system by placing a 10’ x 10’ reinforced concrete box at depths of up to 30-feet along existing city streets and includes both open cut and tunnel construction methods.

Frank Marino served as client service manager, Steve Sparks as Project Manager and Celeste Jain as the Senior Engineer in Charge of this project.

In addition to the installation of approximately 10,000 linear feet of new storm sewer, the project also includes the replacement of 3 miles of water mains, 2 miles of sanitary sewer lines, 10 lane miles of concrete pavement, 6 miles of concrete sidewalks, the replacement of six traffic signals, the replacement of more than 100 driveways, the installation of new street lighting along the route and other related items necessary for the completion of the work.  Construction will be completed without the need to close streets and without right of way acquisitions.

The project drains into Buffalo Bayou in the newly renovated Eleanor Tinsley Park and coordination with the Houston Parks Department and the Buffalo Bayou Partnership was crucial to insure that existing and future park infrastructure was not disturbed.  The outfall structure contains an aesthetically pleasing headwall and energy dissipater that is designed with 9 steps that lead down to a circular pool that has a weir structure on the downstream end that allows flow to cascade into the bayou.  These improvements were designed in close concert with the Buffalo Bayou Partnership so that trails, trees, lighting and other features will seamlessly blend with other park features.


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