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Kendall County Board Approves Agreement with HR Green for Eldamain Road project

Hr Green, Inc.

The Kendall County Board, May 20, approved a nearly $2.9 million agreement with HR Green, Inc. to engineer the Eldamain Road extension project.

The extension of Eldamain Road has been in the works in some form or another since 1991. The multi-million-dollar project would widen the highway that forms the boundary between Yorkville and Plano to four lanes, and includes a bridge over the Fox River.  The project will give continuity to the local transportation system, address local system deficiencies, improve access for public facilities and emergency services, as well as improve safety and mobility for existing and future populations in the region.

The county used what is known as a Quality Based Selection process to pick an engineer for the project. The selection process allows the county to solicit interest from engineers as a professional service, rather than bid it directly and take the lowest bidder.

County officials started with proposals from 10 area consulting firms and narrowed the field to three firms after interviews with a county committee. Following these interviews, the three were ranked, with HR Green taking the top spot.  As part of our strategy, HR Green brought Strand and Associates onto the team to leverage their sound relationship and past work with the county in order to overcome the other teams. The other two companies which made it to the final three were Hampton, Lenzini & Renwick teamed with Hanson, and the Crawford, Murphy & Tilly/Hutchinson team.

HR Green is the only firm located within Kendall County that is qualified to complete this project and is the only firm that can tout experience designing and constructing nine Fox River bridges in the last 10 years. Both of these proved to be major factors in winning the project.

Jason Poppen will be the Principal-in-Charge and Tony Simmons will assume the role of Project Manager. Jason and Tony, along with Bob Davies, Matt Jereb and Sean LaDieu, earn kudos for their client engagement, their approach to understanding the project nuances, and their determination to deliver a strong proposal and subsequent interview presentation. Marketing also played a key role in this major pursuit, developing an exemplary proposal and engaging the interview team in preparing to deliver the winning presentation.

About 80 percent of the cost will be paid for by the Illinois Department of Transportation with money set aside as part of a federal 2006 highway bill. The county had a total of $5 million set aside for all the engineering, and land acquisition for the project. IDOT still has to review and approve the contract, a process that typically takes three months


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